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Kilncare Ikon V61 GXR Plug-in Kiln + Furniture

Kilncare Ikon V61 GXR Plug-in Kiln + Furniture

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Enjoy the ease of a plug-in kiln without compromising on performance.


Plug-in kilns are a popular choice for many people for good reason:

✔️ Ease and speed of setting up

✔️ Save of installation costs

✔️ Ability to move the kiln to anywhere with a standard UK plug.

However, a 13-amp UK plug can only supply so much power at any given time. For many other kilns (especially kilns larger than 50L), this can often mean a compromise in maximum temperature.

For example, the IKON V46 (46 litres) plug-in kiln can reach a maximum temperature of 1300°C. However, its bigger brother, the IKON V61E (61 Litres) plug-in kiln, has a maximum temperature of 1200°C. This is because it takes more power to heat up a larger internal volume.

This can be acceptable of course, but if you want to enjoy the simplicity of a plug-in kiln, want the option to fire 1200°C+, and also require a larger kiln than the V46, this just won't do.

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This is where the IKON V61 GXR comes in.

The engineers at Kilncare recently developed an upgraded version of the IKON V6E. Through making some serious upgrades to the insulation, they have managed to maintain the high maximum temperature enjoyed by the smaller IKON V46.

✅61 Litres -No compromise on internal space

✅1300°C -No compromise on maximum temperature

✅Plugs in to any UK plug -No compromise on simplicity

The IKON V61GXr does not take up any additional floorspace compared to the IKON V61E, although it is slightly taller due to the upgraded lid.

This kiln is probably our new favourite item on the store!

Here's how they did it:

  • Instead of 1 skin of micropore and 1 skin of fibre blanket, 2 skins of micropore and 1 skin of fibre blanket have been added.
  • New lid design which insulates the bricks. It is now insulated with 25mm micropore board. This heavily reduces temperature leakage from the lid.

Also included with your purchase:

✅ Free V61 furniture - Load your kiln with ease

✅ KCR32C controller included - Extremely simple to use, allowing you to get firing straight away

✅ 3-year warranty

If you are unsure on which kiln is best for our needs, feel free to use our..

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Is this Ikon right for you?


The IKON V61 GXR Top-loading electric pottery Kiln does not require an electrician to install. All kilns in the IKON range share the following features:

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1. Unique machined lid insert of three section seal:

  • Unique three-section lid seal for enhanced heat retention.
  • Machined insert in brick lid acts as a heat brake.
  • Traditional brick-on-brick contact for initial seal.
  • Outer lining of low thermo-conductive fiber traps remaining heat.

2. Excellently insulated chamber

  • GX Microport "super insulation"
  • Double layer floor insulation with full stainless steel under plate
  • Adding to the Ikon Kiln's immense energy efficiency

3. Optimized Inlet Design:

  • Lower inlet port with raised shutter to prevent debris blockage.

4. Unique exhaust mechanism

  • The IKON distinguishes itself with an adjustable shutter that controls exhaust efficiency, surpassing the norm with a larger design.
  • This shutter can be fully closed during critical moments, significantly boosting heat retention and optimizing overall kiln performance.

5. Low level cool power panel, separate from element panel

  • Electrical components  strategically positioned at the rear and low level of the kiln.
  • Unique design employs a separate panel for heating elements
  • Ventilated mounting panel and intentional air gap work together to keep component temperature in check.
  • Remarkable longevity: This thoughtful arrangement dramatically extends the lifespan of electrical components, contributing to exceptional kiln durability.

6. Effortless Lid Operation:

  • Twin gas spring lid lifts for even pressure distribution.
  • Minimizes stress on brickwork and prevents damage.

7. Safety and Reliability:

  • Dual channel lid safety cut-off switch and over-fire protection.
  • Solid state relay control switching for silent operation

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Perfect For

This electric pottery kiln is perfect for people who do not want to limit themselves to a lower temperature but want to avoid the headache of hiring an electrician to install the kiln.

This model is also perfect for studios with multiple kilns due to its high energy efficiency and ability to be plugged into any socket. The WIFI feature also makes it easier to manage multiple kilns.


Internal size: 416mm (Diameter) x 445mm (Height)

External: Size: 745mm (wide) x 870mm (deep) x 920mm (High) 

Capacity: 61Lts

Weight: 105kg

Power: 3KW

Amps: 12.6A

Voltage: 230v

Maximum Temperature: 1300°C

Controller included: KCR32C (KCR32C WIFI optional)

Provided with U.K. three pin plug top and 2m lead.

Delivery and Warranty

The IKON range has a 3-year warranty, which Kilncare are extremely serious about honoring. This covers all parts, excluding elements. This extended warranty underlines the exceptional craftsmanship and durability infused into these kilns, a testament to their enduring quality.

Replacement elements can be purchased through us. Just give us an email on info@thepotterypeople.co.uk

Delivery is free to all UK mainland addresses. Orders take 5-6 weeks.

 Want to know how your kiln will arrive? Check out our 'What to expect' page.

Standard Delivery

Delivery will be made to the kerb side of your specified delivery address.

  • Please note that this service does not include any additional assistance with moving the kiln beyond the kerb side.


The KCR32C serves as a versatile multi-program controller tailored for glass, ceramics, and pottery applications.

The controller 32 programs, each accommodating up to 32 segments.

These segments consist of controlled heating/cooling ramps followed by soak periods. The controller comes pre-programmed with 9 standard glass programs and 9 ceramics programs that can be customised as needed.

Notably, its slow rate capability, which can go down to 1°C per hour, makes it an optimal choice for intricate glass cycles.

Highlighted features of the KCR32C Controller:

  • 32 programs, each with up to 32 segments.
  • Controlled heating/cooling ramp and soak in every segment.
  • Soak times up to almost 100 hours.
  • Ramp rates adjustable from 1 to 999°C/hour.
  • Pause and Segment Advance functions for program management.
  • Convenient remote operation for easy programming.
  • Delayed start option, up to 4 days.
  • Swift power failure recovery mechanism.
  • Energy usage display for monitoring.
  • Event/Damper/Fan relay outputs for enhanced control.
  • Alarm relay with buzzer for alerts.
  • Mains power switch for convenient operation.

WIFI compatible upgrade option

Optional KCR32C WIFI Controller:

The KCR32CWIFi shares the same internal features as the KCR32C but comes with the added advantage of remote accessibility and control through your mobile device.

This marks one of the most significant advancements in Kilncare kilns in recent years. By utilizing Kilncares GATEway access site, you gain the ability to monitor your kiln's real-time operation. Whether adjusting programs or stopping firing, you can manage it from anywhere in the world, even if you're not in the same room.

Additionally, the KCR32WIFI is equipped with a USB port, enabling direct program entry from a PC. This feature also facilitates updates and diagnostics without the need for physical visits to your kiln.

Real-time Internet Access and Data Retrieval:

The optional KCR32C WIFI provides seamless access to your kiln's real-time status from anywhere with internet connectivity via the Kilncare GATEway on the Kilncare website. This eliminates the need for travel to the studio or workplace to monitor the firing progress or its status.

Within the GATEway, accessible with a unique password for each user, you'll find a firings library to store and label past firings, a notes section, a log, and more valuable features. This system empowers efficient monitoring and convenient data management.

Free Clay

This Kiln comes with 12.5kg of Oxidising St Thomas Clay.

  • Optimal Firing Range: 1150-1280°C 
  • Suitable for cone 3 to 10.
  • Texture: 4.5 out of ten - on a scale from smooth (1) to coarse (10)
  • Shrinkage Characteristics: Exhibits 8% shrinkage at 1100°C and 11% at 1200°C.

This versatile clay body is very popular for both earthenware and stoneware applications.

Under normal or slightly reducing conditions, it develops an appealing speckled appearance. Durable and forgiving, it boasts excellent resistance to warping and cracking, making it perfect for both throwing and hand building. Exceptionally well-suited for educational purposes. Fires to a warm, toasted buff hue at stoneware temperatures. 

Note: Your clay and kiln may arrive separately. We will let you know in advance when you can expect each item.

Need Clay or Glaze?

Avoid delivery costs by ordering consumables with your kiln or wheel

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