Post-purchase support

When you purchase from The Pottery People, you are gaining access to quick and reliable support, guidance and resources from our team to help you with any questions/issues you may have.

We are not in the business of trying to make a quick sale and then moving on to the next person. Our phone and email operators are here to help you make the right choice for you, not to push you into a purchase.

If you decide to buy from us, we'll be here, giving you ongoing support for as long as you need it, whenever you need it. 


We aim to respond to all emails on the same day we receive them - most of the time a lot quicker!


Dealing with issues:

Delivery issues

As much as we pride ourselves on our efficient and hassle-free order process, we naturally run into complications/issues from time to time. However, we realise that good communication can turn what could be a huge problem into a small inconvenience.

This is why transparency and good communication is our top priority. 


Product issues

If you are having problems with your item, the best way to get help is to email us on

Here is our process for dealing with issues:

1. First-line troubleshooting (usual reply time: same-day): 

We will read your email and try to understand the problem. We will then ask you some questions, give you some things to try to help diagnose/fix the problem. Hopefully we are able to solve you issue on this step.

2. Contact the manufacturer (usual reply time: next-day):

We have great relationships with the manufacturers of the items we stock and have direct contact with expert technicians. If this is a new problem, or one that is not solved through first-line troubleshooting, we will pass the details on to them to help understand the problem.

They are always happy to help and we are usually to give you some more suggestions the next day. Depending on the problem, we can sometimes put you on a direct call with someone from the manufacturing company to talk through the issue.

3. Warranty process:

If we are not able to solve your issue, we will activate the warranty process, and organise a repair/replacement for your kiln.


Using our products:

We are here to help you get the absolute best out of our products. We want to see our customers excel. We often help people with questions relating to:


-Firing Schedules

-Studio arrangement

-Firing troubleshooting


General pottery guidance:

The support our customers access is not limited to help with our products. We are here to give you advice on anything ceramics related.

If we can help - we will!


For all help with your purchase - contact

If you want information pre-purchase

Or call us on 020 3576 3147





We are always here for a chat 😊

We understand that choosing the right equipment for your needs and requirments can sometimes be confusing.

If you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small, fire them our way and we can guide you to a confident, informed decision.

Call us on 020 3576 3147!