Garden Pottery Studio Build, Design and Setup Service

More and more people are deciding that they want to enjoy the bliss of ceramics and pottery from the comfort of their own home.

Starting at a commercial studio is a great way to begin your pottery journey. However, many people decide that they no longer want to pay monthly fees with extra charges for a space to build and fire their creations. 

Imagine having access to your own private studio, where you can get creating whenever and however you feel like it.

(We can travel anywhere in the UK)

Our package includes EVERYTHING that your studio will need.

A Four-Part Package:

Designing the room based on your needs and preferences

✅ We will come to to see the space that we are working with and to talk to you about the possible options

✅ We will listen carefully to your preferences and what you intend to do in the studio. We will work to achieve your vision

Choosing and sourcing equipment

✅ We are partnered with top manufacturers to give you access to equipment at heavily discounted prices - Save money through exclusive prices

✅ We talk you through the pros and cons of each piece of equipment and help you decide what you want your studio to contain - So you can make an informed, personal decision

✅ We will sort out the delivery and installation of the equipment for you, saving you the headache.

Assembling in a few days

✅ We do most of the work in our workshop and assemble it on-site once it is ready.  - This minimises the time that we need to be in your garden (and the amount of tea bags you will have to use for the builders!)

✅ We will install and setup all of your equipment for you - So you have peace of mind that everything is setup correctly

✅ We can either help you with the final decorations, or leave you to add your personal touch - Your opportunity to really make it your own

Equipment setup and guidance

✅ We offer walkthroughs and guides to using the equipment

✅ We will support you if you need any help with using the equipment. Our experts are always ready to help, and we also have direct contact with the manufacturers who are always happy to help

✅ We are partnered with pottery studios around the country, which allows us to provide you with free 1:1 lessons on using a kiln, wheel or handbuilding - To help you make a smooth transition to using a home studio

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How we do it

1. We work closely with our partner company, YourGreenPlace, to plan the build. YourGreenPlace are a great company who are highly experienced in building garden pottery rooms.

2. We are also partnered with various British pottery equipment manufacturers, allowing us to give you great prices on equipment, and access to ongoing support

3. By actively engaging with our customers during their pottery equipment purchases, we've amassed a wealth of knowledge about their aspirations and hurdles in setting up personalised home studios.

Pulling these strengths together allows us to provide the complete package - Seeing your home studio through, from start to finish.

Why Choose This Package?

For your home studio, you will need to find, choose, organise and pay for: Builders, various equipment, installation, electricians, and more

With this package, everything you need to do is included here, in one go.

This means that you:

💰 Save money, by utilising our exclusive access to trade prices.

⏳ Save time, by avoiding 'analysis paralysis' and letting us do the work.

🧠 Make informed decisions, by having access to our wealth of home studio and garden room experience

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