Collection: Shimpo Pottery Wheels

We are proud to be authorised resellers of Shimpo Pottery wheels - one of the most recognisable brands in the ceramics industry.  A quick google search of the brand will show you the great reputation that Shimpo has in the pottery community. Your local pottery studio probably uses Shimpo wheels.

When you see a potter with a Shimpo wheel, you get the feeling that they are a serious pottery lover.

Shimpo Wheel in a home studio example

These potter's wheels are made to last for a very long time. After making an initial purchase, it is unlikely that you will be needing to replace your wheel any time soon.

For this reason, it is important to choose the correct wheel for your needs. While all Shimpo wheels are great quality, each model has its own features and level of versatility.

Cant decide on a model? Answer a few quick multiple choice questions and our wheel selector tool will show you the best model for your needs. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Shimpo Whisper RK-3E/VL Potter's Wheel

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This is our most popular Shimpo model. It is bought by a range of people, from teachers to home potters, due to its high versatility.

-Has a large wheel-head and can handle heavy loads.

-Highly Adjustable

-Almost silent

-Has a built-in worktable

-Precise foot pedal control

This is the most premium model Shimpo has to offer. Its high versatility means that you will not need to upgrade this wheel as you progress as a potter. Nobody knows where their pottery journey will take them. The Shimpo Whisper RK-3E/VL ensures that your creativity is not limited by the physical capabilities of your equipment.

Great for you if: You throw heavy pieces, want a versatile wheel, or simply want the best.

Shimpo Whisper-T Direct Potter's Wheel

Shimpo Whisper T Potters wheel

-Almost silent

-Precise foot-pedal control

-Highly adjustable

-Easy to transport/store

This is a great wheel for comfort and convenience. The legs are adjustable and removable, allowing you to use this wheel on a tabletop or on the ground. The motor is powerful and precisely controlled via the foot pedal.

Shimpo Whisper RK-3D Potter's Wheel

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-Can handle heavy loads

-Slick, compact design

-Foot pedal and and lever combination

-Almost silent

Similar to the RK-3E/VL, this wheel is very versatile and will keep up with your abilities for a long time. This wheel just feels like quality as well due to its steel build. This also adds to its durability

Making your final decision. 

When choosing a pottery wheel, it is important that you think ahead and consider not just your current needs, but also what you may like to explore in the future.

Size, adjustability and portability can also be important factors to consider.

If you were taught throwing on a particular wheel, see if we have that one in stock - it may feel more intuitive for you.

Also, do not forget that which wheel you prefer can be entirely personal. Sometimes the look of a piece of equipment just catches your eye, or would fit really well in your studio. (For example, I love the design of the RK-3D, with its steel body)

You can't go far wrong with any model of Shimpo wheel. 


For delivery info on Shimpo Wheels orders, see our What To Expect From Your Shimpo Delivery page


Cant decide? Answer a few quick multiple choice questions and our wheel selector tool will show you the best model for your needs. 

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