What To Expect From Your Shimpo Pottery Wheel Delivery


Delivery time:

You will receive your wheel within 8 days at most. The vast majority of the time, it will be within the first 4-5 days - if you order on a Monday, you have a good chance of getting your delivery by the end of the week.

If you need to delay your delivery until a specific date, let us know at orders@thepotterypeople.co.uk once you make your order.

We will let you know 1-2 days before your delivery is due to arrive. However, if you are unavailable to receive your delivery on the date mentioned, then we may be able to hold off with the delivery if you let us know straight away.



Please monitor your emails so you can let us know as soon as possible if we need to reschedule the delivery of your wheel.

On the day of the delivery:

You will receive an ETA through text and/or email on the morning of the delivery. If you do not receive an ETA by 10am, feel free to give us an email and we will investigate it for you.

The courier will have been given your contact number in case of any issues with the delivery.

Shimpo Wheel on a Delivery Pallet

The driver is instructed to deliver your pallet kerbside. They may be able to help with moving the pallet/wheel into your property, but this is not guaranteed and will depend on the driver and how busy they are.

Shimpo Wheel Delivery information



Shimpo Wheel Delivery FAQ

Here are some common questions we get from people who have ordered a Shimpo Potter's Wheel from us. If your question is not listed here, feel free to email us at orders@thepotterypeople.co.uk!


Will my wheel arrive with my clay/glaze/tools?

Potclays tools and clays

Yes, if you ordered them together, the wheel and accessories should arrive at the same time.

 Something is missing from my delivery.

Sorry about this! Give us an email at orders@thepotterypeople.co.uk and we will resolve the issue.

Can I specify a preferred delivery time?

No, unfortunately our courier does not allow us to choose a delivery time, as this will depend on the driver’s route that day.

My item is damaged/not functioning correctly

Email us immediately with details so we can resolve the issue for you as soon as possible


Remember, we are here to support you before, during and after your delivery.

See our post-purchase support page


We are always here for a chat 😊

We understand that choosing the right equipment for your needs and requirments can sometimes be confusing.

If you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small, fire them our way and we can guide you to a confident, informed decision.

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