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Kilns & Furnaces Phoenix 38 Top-Loading Kiln

Kilns & Furnaces Phoenix 38 Top-Loading Kiln

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Meet the Phoenix 38: a favorite choice among beginner potters who value both safety and ease of use.

We think that this is the most convenient and beginner friendly kilns we have on offer. 

At 38 Litres, it has ample space for a hobbyist artist. It can fit around 12 mugs or 6 bowls (naturally this will depend on the size of the mugs or bowls in question!)

With the square, top-loading design, it makes use of space brilliantly. It really maximises the internal kiln space you can fit into a small studio.

Fast Delivery (for a limited time only)

While most of our kilns have a 4-6 week wait time, we have a number of these kilns in stock. They can be dispatched and delivered within a week.



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What Makes This Our Most

What Makes The Phoenix 38 Our Most Convenient Kiln?

Fastest Delivery

While our other kilns can take up to 6 weeks for them to be built, delivery for the Phoenix 38 can be within 1 week.

It's our only kiln that can be dispatched almost immediately.

Square Design

You don't see square top-loaders very often, but this design actually optimises both the internal usable space, and the amount of external space needed to fit the kiln.

The Phoenix 38 can slot perfectly into that gap in your studio, with far less wasted space.

Plugs into a normal UK socket

Compatibility with the UK standard 13A plug means no special electrical installation is required, ensuring an easy setup in any studio or home setting.


Fitted with wheels, making it easy to move your kiln around the workspace as needed, improving flexibility and convenience.

Furniture Included

Includes three refractory batts, each 305mm square and 12mm thick, for placing your pottery pieces, along with 18 props in two heights (nine at 25 mm and nine at 38 mm) to support and separate these batts for efficient space utilization. This furniture setup allows for flexible loading configurations, accommodating a variety of project sizes with ease.

ST215C Controller Included

The ST215C controller is straightforward to use, and popular with everyone from beginners and professionals

Other Great Features

Maximum temperature: 1260°C

This high temperature range allows for the firing of a wide variety of clay bodies and glazes, from earthenware up to stoneware and porcelain, offering great versatility for your ceramic projects.

High-Grade Insulation

Superior insulation keeps the heat inside the kiln, enhancing energy efficiency, and maintaining consistent temperatures, which is crucial for successful firings.

Type R Thermocouple

This high-quality thermocouple provides accurate temperature readings, ensuring that your firings are consistent and reliable, which is key to achieving the desired results.

High-Grade Spiral Wound Elements

These elements ensure even heat distribution within the kiln, contributing to uniform firings and high-quality outcomes for your ceramic pieces.

Peace of Mind

Lid Safety Switch

This feature ensures the kiln shuts off if the lid is opened during operation, providing an important safety measure to protect the user.

Over Temperature Protection

This safety mechanism prevents the kiln from exceeding safe operating temperatures, protecting both the kiln and your work from potential damage.

2-Year Warranty

If you have any issues with your kiln within the first 2 years, we can activate the warranty process, getting you a replacement or repair of your kiln.

Constant Access to Support from Us & The Manufacturer

We are always here to help you get the most out of your kiln. You can reach out to us at any time for help and advice. If we are not able to help you, we have a great relationship with the manufacturer, who are also always happy to help with any more technical queries.


Type: PHOENIX 38

Capacity: 38 Litres / Cu ft

Firing Chamber:

Diameter: 330 mm

Height: 330 mm

Overall Dimensions:

-Weight: 50 kg

-Power: 3 KW

-Supply: 240V, 13A

Refractory Batts:

3 pieces - 305 mm x 305 mm x 12 mm


9 pieces - 25 mm high

9 pieces - 38 mm high


Delivery is free and usually takes less than 5 working days.

Need Clay or Glaze?

Avoid delivery costs by ordering consumables with your kiln or wheel

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