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  • How long does delivery take?

  • -Shimpo wheels: Between 1-5 working days.

    -Kilncare Kilns: 4-5 Weeks

    -Kilns and Furnaces Kilns: 3-4 Weeks

    -Gladstone Bailey Wheel: 1 Week

    For Shimpo wheels, we will normally let you know when to expect it a couple of days before it arrives. However, sometimes, we are only able to let you know the day before due to last minute changes. On the morning of the delivery we are usually able to give you an expected timeslot, but this depends on the courier.

    If you are ordering smaller products that do not need to be palletised, we will give you the DHL tracking number as soon as we have it so that you can track your package.

    For other products, we aim to let you know a week before the delivery is expected to arrive.

    Please see our delivery page for more information.

  • How will it be delivered?

  • If you are buying a wheel or kiln from us, these will be palletised and delivered kerbside.

    If you order a kiln and a wheel in the same order, the items will likely arrive separately. Shimpo wheels will be delivered alongside any glaze, clay or accessories in your order, and these items will typically arrive first.

    If you order a kiln and clay/glaze/accessories, the smaller items will arrive separately and much sooner than the kiln.

    We have more information about what to expect with your delivery for Kilncare products. We are in the process of creating these for other products, but the way that other brands arrive is largely similar.

  • Can I delay delivery?

  • Yes of course! We regularly do this for customers who want us to hold off on sending their package until they are ready. Just send us an email before or after your purchase. 

    We may or may not be able to deliver exactly on a specified date, depending on the product.



  • Do you have this item in stock?

    Our kilns are made to order, so we do not keep them in stock. This means that they are always available to purchase, but take a bit longer than other products. The fact that the kilns are made to order allows the engineers to make modifications to the build of the kiln based on your needs.

    For wheels & accessories, if they are listed as available the website they should be in stock. In some rare cases, our website may not have updated to show items as 'out of stock' in time. In these cases, we will let you know on the same day and refund your order. We will give you the option of refunding the one item in your order that is out of stock, or the whole order.

  • Can I click and collect?
  • Yes, you can collect any of our products. This can be a faster way to get your delivery, if you are in the area. This will usually be from Stoke-on-Trent. Email us before your order if you’d like to pick it up.


    Questions about products/offers

  • Which Kiln is the best for me?

  • Our kiln selector tool is a great place to start! We also have content on our blog which will guide you through choosing the right kiln for your needs. If you still need some advice, don’t hesitate to ask us on!

  • What happens if i have an issue with my wheel?

  • If something doesn’t seem right, get in contact with us. We will help you troubleshoot the issue. If we are unable to get it in right over the phone, we can activate the warranty process, and get you a replacement/repair.

  • Is Shimpo the same as NIDEC?

  • Yes. In the 1990s, Shimpo was bought by NIDEC corporation. However, it was not until fairly recently that the branding of Shimpo products started to change to NIDEC. This has sometimes caused confusion with people buying Shimpo products when they arrive with NIDEC branding.

    Rest assured, they are the same products, just with different branding.


    See the company’s website for more information.




  • Are there any promotions coming up?

    We rarely run temporary promotions, as we aim to give the best price we possibly can year round. We believe that our offer and service is the best that you will find out there.


    We are always here for a chat 😊

    We understand that choosing the right equipment for your needs and requirments can sometimes be confusing.

    If you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small, fire them our way and we can guide you to a confident, informed decision.

    Call us on 020 3576 3147!