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Potclays Transparent Glazes (Powdered) 1KG

Potclays Transparent Glazes (Powdered) 1KG

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This range of glazes from Potclays are a great, cost-effective choice for potters looking to give their stoneware pieces a professional finish.


The more you buy, the cheaper these glazes get.

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Glossy General Purpose 1040-1140C

  • Recommended firing range 1040-1140C
  • A reliable, leadless transparent low temperature glaze for general purpose use
  • Transparent glazes benefit from thin application and fast cooling
  • Optimum S.G. for 2206 is 1.47 - see Consistency Measurement in category header
  • Supplied in powder form

Crystal Clear 1040-1100C

  • Recommended Firing Range 1040-1100C
  • A low-solubility transparent glaze based on fritted lead
  • Supplied in powder form
  • Due to the high frit content of this glaze, when mixing, treat immediately with bentonite/flocculant to avoid problematic settling-out ('hardpanning').

Transparent Raku 780-900C

  • Recommended Firing Range 780-900C
  • Supplied in powder form
  • An alkaline-base transparent glaze for raku ware
  • Produces vivid alkaline colour responses when used with colourant oxides
  • This glaze will craze as a result of the alkaline base therefore is unsuitable for dinnerware
  • Treat with bentonite/flocculant when mixing up to prevent 'hardpanning'.
  • For general glaze preparation advice please see the main powdered glaze category header



  • Glazes marked (LS) contain a low-solubility lead frit. For ware in contact with food or drink we would recommend using glazes marked (L) which denotes 'Leadless'. All stoneware glazes are lead-free.
  • For glaze preparation advice please see the main powdered glaze category header here
  • Powdered glazes, once mixed with water according to the recommended guidance, are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying onto the piece. They are not suitable for brushing-on without addition of a glaze binder such as Pehatine. If brush-application is intended, we would recommend you select one of our ready-mixed brush-on glazes instead.
  • Transparent glazes must be applied thinly and fired/cooled on a fast schedule to avoid ‘milkiness’ and/or crazing in the fired result.
  • Artistic/special effect glazes usually require a generous application to achieve the desired effect. Please note the individual product descriptions for product-specific guidance. Some special effect glazes can melt/flow considerably during firing so please take all necessary precautions, especially with regard to protecting your kiln furniture (stilting, batt wash etc.).


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Free Clay

This Kiln comes with 12.5kg of Oxidising St Thomas Clay.

  • Optimal Firing Range: 1150-1280°C 
  • Suitable for cone 3 to 10.
  • Texture: 4.5 out of ten - on a scale from smooth (1) to coarse (10)
  • Shrinkage Characteristics: Exhibits 8% shrinkage at 1100°C and 11% at 1200°C.

This versatile clay body is very popular for both earthenware and stoneware applications.

Under normal or slightly reducing conditions, it develops an appealing speckled appearance. Durable and forgiving, it boasts excellent resistance to warping and cracking, making it perfect for both throwing and hand building. Exceptionally well-suited for educational purposes. Fires to a warm, toasted buff hue at stoneware temperatures. 

Note: Your clay and kiln may arrive separately. We will let you know in advance when you can expect each item.

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