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AMACO Potters Choice Brush On Glazes Cone 5/6 [473 ml]

AMACO Potters Choice Brush On Glazes Cone 5/6 [473 ml]

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The Potter's Choice glaze collection is tailored for the discerning potter! These exquisite glazes deliver flowing colors and striking effects to both smooth and textured pottery, achieving their best results at Cone 5/6. Using these glazes means embracing the diverse ceramic traditions from numerous cultures across history.
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Key Features:

  • Offers reduction-like effects in oxidation conditions
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Ideal for firing at Cone 5 / 6
  • Endless possibilities for layering combinations
  • Comes in a standard US pint size (16 fl oz, approximately 473ml)

Important Information:

This product's dry-mix format, used in dipping applications, features specific health and safety labeling distinct from our brushing glazes. Note that layering dry dipping glazes can be challenging compared to brushing glazes and requires extensive testing on small pieces before full application.

Safety Advisory:

Manufacturers of tableware should conduct thorough testing on all completed items to verify their suitability for food use, as variations in firing conditions and contamination may occur.

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AMACO Potters Choice Brush On Glazes Cone 5/6

The Potter's Choice glaze series is expertly crafted with the potter's needs in mind! These exquisite glazes offer dynamic colors and effects on both smooth and textured ceramics, achieving their best results at Cone 5/6. Engage with the ceramic glaze traditions of various cultures throughout history by using these glazes. Explore our PC Layering charts to discover the numerous stunning effects you can create in your studio!

Key Features

Reduction Effects in Oxidation | Diverse Colors and Textures | Cone 5 - 6 | Endless Layering Possibilities!

Temperature Details:

  • Cone 5 reaches 1184°C (increasing at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C) or 2201°F (increasing at 270°F/hour for the final 200°F).
  • Cone 6 attains 1241°C (increasing at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C) or 2266°F (increasing at 270°F/hour for the final 200°F).

Vegan Friendly:

Yes, all Amaco products, including clays and glazes, are vegan, utilizing only synthetic bone ash.

AMACO's Commitment to Consistency:

Due to natural variations in mining sources and changes in manufacturing and suppliers, clay, glaze, and underglaze components may alter in color, particle size, and other properties over time. Following the Covid Pandemic's disruptions and supply chain issues, Amaco has faced significant material alterations. However, our diligent purchasing and quality control teams are continuously sourcing alternative materials and conducting rigorous tests to ensure these changes minimally affect the quality and user experience of our products. Each reformulated color is thoroughly tested for performance, consistency, and safety before it is finalized and packaged. Often, the results of fired products are brighter, clearer, or improved compared to the original.

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