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Free Clay Included - 12.5KG of Oxidising St Thomas Clay for is included with each wheel or kiln purchase for you to try out.

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The Pottery People Present:

Nabertherm Top 45 Ceramic Kiln

Nabertherm Top 45 Ceramic Kiln

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Introducing: The Nabertherm Toploading Kilns (Nabertherm Top 16, Top 45, Top 60, Top 80, Top 100)

Nabertherm's range of top-loading kilns are one of the most popular choices for beginners and experienced ceramisist alike, due to their simplicity and high quality.

Nabertherm are an experienced company that know what they are doing when it comes to building quality, long-lasting kilns.

Also included with your purchase:

✅ Free Top 60 furniture - Load your kiln with ease

✅ Nabertherm's own B500 controller.

✅ 3-year warranty

Is the Nabertherm Top 60 right for you?


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Touch Screen Nabertherm Controller

  • GX Microport "super insulation"
  • Double layer floor insulation with full stainless steel under plate
  • Adding to the Ikon Kiln's immense energy efficiency

Specialised Insulation

Nabertherm top loaders feature energy-efficient refractory insulation within the chamber and microporous rear insulation, enabling a top temperature of 1320 °C with minimal energy use.

  • Up to 60 liters: Equipped with three layers of 15 mm high-quality microporous rear insulation to ensure reliable firing temperatures.
  • From 80 liters: Includes two layers of 20 mm high-quality microporous rear insulation for a balanced energy-efficient heating and shorter cooling times.

Appealing Design

The Nnabertherm toploaders have a clean professional look.

Higher Temperature Than Other Kilns

Equipped with advanced refractory and microporous rear insulation, our top loaders can achieve high temperatures up to 1320°C efficiently, ensuring minimal energy usage.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Materials

Nabertherm utilizes insulation materials that strictly comply with EC Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP), ensuring the exclusion of potentially carcinogenic refractory ceramic fiber (RCF). This commitment underscores their dedication to safety and environmental sustainability.

Power Options For Each Size

Most sizes come in three types, differing in power specifications. Use the table below to choose the kiln that fits your electrical and temperature needs:

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Perfect For

This is the kiln that we would recommend for any small-medium studio.

Delivery and Warranty

Delivery is free, and typically takes 1 week.

B500 Controller: Simple and Versatile

The Nabertherm top loader kilns are equipped with the user-friendly B500 Controller, designed for both simplicity and versatility. This touch screen controller is Wi-Fi capable and integrates seamlessly with the MyNabertherm App, allowing easy and individual programming.

Key Features:

  • Touch Screen Interface: Easy to use with intuitive touch controls.
  • Wi-Fi Capable: Connects with the MyNabertherm App for remote monitoring and control.
  • Programmable: Store up to 5 different programs.
  • Delayed Start: Schedule kiln operations to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.
  • Customizable Segments: 4 freely adjustable segments per program for precise firing control.
  • Incremental Input: Set points can be adjusted in 1°C and 1-minute increments.
  • Skip and Extend: Bypass segments or extend hold times during a program run.

For more information and instructional videos on using the B500 controller, visit the Nabertherm Series 500.


Additionally, there is an option to upgrade to the C540 Controller, which offers the same features as the B500 but with a larger memory to store 10 programs with 20 segments each. This upgrade can be selected at the time of purchase.


If you are unsure on which kiln is best for our needs, feel free to use our..

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Free Clay

This Kiln comes with 12.5kg of Oxidising St Thomas Clay.

  • Optimal Firing Range: 1150-1280°C 
  • Suitable for cone 3 to 10.
  • Texture: 4.5 out of ten - on a scale from smooth (1) to coarse (10)
  • Shrinkage Characteristics: Exhibits 8% shrinkage at 1100°C and 11% at 1200°C.

This versatile clay body is very popular for both earthenware and stoneware applications.

Under normal or slightly reducing conditions, it develops an appealing speckled appearance. Durable and forgiving, it boasts excellent resistance to warping and cracking, making it perfect for both throwing and hand building. Exceptionally well-suited for educational purposes. Fires to a warm, toasted buff hue at stoneware temperatures. 

Note: Your clay and kiln may arrive separately. We will let you know in advance when you can expect each item.

Need Clay or Glaze?

Avoid delivery costs by ordering consumables with your kiln or wheel

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