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Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Front Load Kiln + Controller (Medium)

Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Front Load Kiln + Controller (Medium)

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Precision and reliability; everything you want in a ceramic kiln.

Take the next step in your pottery journey with the Falcon Range from Kilns + Furnaces. Whether you are looking to upgrade your personal kiln or are expanding your ceramics business, the Falcon Kiln is a great choice if you are looking for consistency and precision.

We know that everyone’s needs are different, so we hold a wide range of sizes of this kiln; from 50L to 1250L and everything in between. Whatever the size of your studio, we have you covered. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your choice, we accept returns free of charge for up to 30 days. If you need help deciding, give us an email or a call (info@thepotterypeople.co.uk or 020 3576 3147) and we will do our best to help you with any questions or issues.

✅Free Clay Included! (12.5kg) (Enter code: CLAY1 at checkout)

✅ ST215C Controller Included

Note: Your clay and kiln may arrive separately. We will let you know in advance when you can expect each item.

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Each size in the Falcon kiln range has different specifications. They are listed below:
  • The Firing Chamber size is a big factor when choosing your kiln, as you will want a model that can comfortably fit your requirements without being too crowded.
  • The external size of the Kiln itself is also a big factor, as you need a kiln that will fit in whatever space you have spare.
  • Finally, check if the kiln that meets these specifications fit your power requirements.
* All kilns can reach a temperature of 1300°C

Why the Falcon?

Relentless firing demands? Bring it on! 

The Falcon Range of Ceramic Kins are designed and manufactured by the excellent people at Kilns & Furnaces to withstand heavy usage from the busiest of pottery studios.

These sturdy kilns are built to last and will take whatever you throw at them.

Effortless front-loading.

The Falcon Range's front-loading design allows you to easily load and unload your work.


These electric kilns will cover the vast majority of your temperature needs, with a maximum temperature of 1300°C.

The control of temperature in these kilns is extremely precise. The Falcon Range uses the TCS2 series program system, offering complete control over the firing cycle parameters.

Excellent energy efficiency.

The last thing you want when frequently firing your kiln on a daily basis is energy wastage leading to high electricity/gas bills.

The engineering of the Falcon Kilns by Kilns & Furnaces is wonderful. The kilns are but with high thermal efficiency which ensures optimal heat distribution and retention while saving money on energy bills.

Safety and Compliance.

-UK-compliant electro-mechanical door interlock system guarantees secure operation

-Over-temperature kiln lining protection system adds an extra layer of security.

-Built-in ventilation cooling ports

If you are unsure on which kiln is best for our needs, feel free to use our..

Is the Falcon right for you?


  • Chamber capacities from 50 to 1250 litres (1.8 – 45.5 cu ft)
  • Sturdy pressed steel cabinet/stove enamel final paint finish
  • Front loading for ease of placing ware
  • Maximum design temperature - FL Range 1300 °C / FS Range 1350°C
  • Highly thermally efficient construction
  • Low thermal heat storage to the chamber lining
  • Graded low thermal mass secondary insulation
  • High grade spiral wound elements fitted to sidewall and base
  • UK compliant electro mechanical door interlock system
  • Over temperature kiln lining protection
  • Ventilation cooling port
  • Instrument socket to accept all controllers in our range

Perfect For

The Falcon kiln range from Kilns & Furnaces is ideal for busy potters who need a powerhouse kiln that can work like a horse and withstand heavy usage while maintaining high precision and reliability.

This particular size is best suited for a small to medium studio, or the especially busy potter.

If you are on a tighter budget, or have smaller space requirements, check out our Home Kilns Collection If you are looking for a kiln for use in an even bigger studio, you might want to consider large kiln, based on your needs. However, the decision is up to you!

Delivery and Warranty

Full 12-month warranty.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding delivery and the warranty.


Replacement elements can be purchased through us. Just give us an email on info@thepotterypeople.co.uk


Standard Delivery

Delivery is free to all UK mainland addresses. Orders take 4-6 weeks.

Delivery will be made to the kerb side of your specified delivery address.

  • Please note that this service does not include any additional assistance with moving the kiln beyond the kerb side.
  • Standard delivery is the default option unless the customer specifically requests an engineer delivery.

Engineer Delivery (Optional - Additional Cost):

  • If you require a more specialised and hands-on delivery experience, you can opt for our engineer delivery service.
  • This premium service involves the assistance from trained engineers who will ensure the safe and precise placement of your kiln.
  • Engineer delivery is available upon request and is subject to an additional cost.
  • The cost of this service is variable, depending on your delivery location and specific requirements. If you are interested in this engineer delivery, please get in touch on info@thepotterypeople.co.uk
  • To provide an accurate quote for this service, we will need specific details about your delivery location, such as the presence of steps, narrow entrances, gravel surfaces, and vehicle access restrictions.

Free Clay

This Kiln comes with 12.5kg of Oxidising St Thomas Clay.

  • Optimal Firing Range: 1150-1280°C 
  • Suitable for cone 3 to 10.
  • Texture: 4.5 out of ten - on a scale from smooth (1) to coarse (10)
  • Shrinkage Characteristics: Exhibits 8% shrinkage at 1100°C and 11% at 1200°C.

This versatile clay body is very popular for both earthenware and stoneware applications.

Under normal or slightly reducing conditions, it develops an appealing speckled appearance. Durable and forgiving, it boasts excellent resistance to warping and cracking, making it perfect for both throwing and hand building. Exceptionally well-suited for educational purposes. Fires to a warm, toasted buff hue at stoneware temperatures. 

Just enter code: CLAY1 at checkout

Note: Your clay and kiln may arrive separately. We will let you know in advance when you can expect each item.

Need Clay or Glaze?

Avoid delivery costs by ordering consumables with your kiln or wheel

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