WIFI compatible upgrade option

Optional KCR32C WIFI Controller:

The KCR32CWIFi shares the same internal features as the KCR32C but comes with the added advantage of remote accessibility and control through your mobile device.

This marks one of the most significant advancements in Kilncare kilns in recent years. By utilizing Kilncares GATEway access site, you gain the ability to monitor your kiln's real-time operation. Whether adjusting programs or stopping firing, you can manage it from anywhere in the world, even if you're not in the same room.

Additionally, the KCR32WIFI is equipped with a USB port, enabling direct program entry from a PC. This feature also facilitates updates and diagnostics without the need for physical visits to your kiln.

Real-time Internet Access and Data Retrieval:

The optional KCR32C WIFI provides seamless access to your kiln's real-time status from anywhere with internet connectivity via the Kilncare GATEway on the Kilncare website. This eliminates the need for travel to the studio or workplace to monitor the firing progress or its status.

Within the GATEway, accessible with a unique password for each user, you'll find a firings library to store and label past firings, a notes section, a log, and more valuable features. This system empowers efficient monitoring and convenient data management.

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