The KCR32C serves as a versatile multi-program controller tailored for glass, ceramics, and pottery applications.

The controller 32 programs, each accommodating up to 32 segments.

These segments consist of controlled heating/cooling ramps followed by soak periods. The controller comes pre-programmed with 9 standard glass programs and 9 ceramics programs that can be customised as needed.

Notably, its slow rate capability, which can go down to 1°C per hour, makes it an optimal choice for intricate glass cycles.

Highlighted features of the KCR32C Controller:

  • 32 programs, each with up to 32 segments.
  • Controlled heating/cooling ramp and soak in every segment.
  • Soak times up to almost 100 hours.
  • Ramp rates adjustable from 1 to 999°C/hour.
  • Pause and Segment Advance functions for program management.
  • Convenient remote operation for easy programming.
  • Delayed start option, up to 4 days.
  • Swift power failure recovery mechanism.
  • Energy usage display for monitoring.
  • Event/Damper/Fan relay outputs for enhanced control.
  • Alarm relay with buzzer for alerts.
  • Mains power switch for convenient operation.

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