How to reduce the cost of owning a kiln

How to reduce the cost of owning a kiln

Having your own kiln is a huge step in any potter's journey, which allows so much more control, convenience and freedom. However, kilns are also probably the most expensive piece of equipment in any potter's studio.


This can be a huge barrier for people looking to practice pottery at home without having to pay monthly to use a commercial studio. Therefore, any way that we can mitigate this cost benefits the ceramics community as a whole, reducing the barrier to entry.


This is why we've decided to share with you. Many people might be aware of this website already, but we want to make sure that everyone knows about it, as we really believe in the idea.


Please note: We are not sponsored by Kilnshare, we are just all for anything that makes pottery more accessible to everyone!




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What Is Kiln Share?

Kiln Share is an online directory which allows people to list their kilns.

This will allow their kiln to be visible on a map to anyone looking at the website

This connects people who are looking for a kiln with people who have a kiln, and are looking to 'rent' it out.

How much does it cost?

Kiln share is completely free to use, both to list kilns and to search for them.

The price of renting out a kiln is decided by the kiln owner.

Kiln share does not take commission for the service.

Why use Kiln Share?

We think that Kiln Share is a great idea. It helps reduce the cost of firing for both parties:

-People without kilns can access low-priced firings without having to make the huge investment that is buying a kiln

-People with kilns can offset some of the price, by using their kiln to make some income.

It is also great for meeting other potters in your area, and growing the connectedness of the pottery community.

It really is a complete win-win for everyone involved

Limitations of Kiln Share:

The only way that this service could be better, is if more listings were on the site. currently has 773 kilns (at time of writing) all across the world. This is an impressive number, but it translates to only a few listings in each area.

This is why we encourage everyone reading this to consider listing your kiln on the website. It could be a great way to make some money while helping other potters.

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